Take a Load Off || Rachel and Quinn 

Quinn pulled into her driveway. A small sinking feeling in her stomach. She couldn’t really peg what it was that was making her stomach flutter. It couldn’t have been Rachel coming over, it was actually a common occurrence lately. Either way, she decided to not pay it too much attention; telling herself that it was probably just something that she’d eaten, or in this case what she hadn’t eaten. Cheerios practice had run particularly late so on her way home, Quinn stopped at the local supermarket to pick up Rachel’s ice cream. Finn never seemed to remember, but Quinn could never seem to forget the brunette’s eating habits. 

Twisting in her seat, Quinn reached into the back and pulled a bag up to the front before opening the car door and ducking out. She fumbled around with the keys in her hand. It took her longer then expected to get the door unlocked. Quinn turned the knob slowly and kicked the door open the rest of the way. To her relief, her house was never a mess, except for the days that she’d drink a little too much. For reasons that she was too proud to actually come to terms with. 

In the kitchen, Quinn pulled the ice cream from it’s bag and tossed it into the freezer. Her eyes scanning around the room to make sure that there wasn’t anything out of it’s place. She sauntered over to the living room and slipped in the dvd version of Wicked. Quinn’s eyes drifted over to the clock, easing into the couch when she realized she still had a few minuted before Rachel showed up. 

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